n. & v.
1 an opaque white fluid secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young.
2 the milk of cows, goats, or sheep as food.
3 the milklike juice of plants, e.g. in the coconut.
4 a milklike preparation of herbs, drugs, etc.
1 draw milk from (a cow, ewe, goat, etc.).
2 a exploit (a person) esp. financially. b get all possible advantage from (a situation).
3 extract sap, venom, etc. from.
4 sl. tap (telegraph or telephone wires etc.).
Phrases and idioms:
cry over spilt milk lament an irremediable loss or error. in milk secreting milk. milk and honey abundant means of prosperity. milk and water a feeble or insipid or mawkish discourse or sentiment. milk bar a snack bar selling milk drinks and other refreshments. milk chocolate chocolate for eating, made with milk. milk float Brit. a small usu. electric vehicle used in delivering milk. milk-leg a painful swelling, esp. of the legs, after childbirth. milk-loaf a loaf of bread made with milk. milk of human kindness kindness regarded as natural to humanity. Milk of Magnesia Brit. propr. a white suspension of magnesium hydroxide usu. in water as an antacid or laxative. milk of sulphur the amorphous powder of sulphur formed by precipitation. milk-powder milk dehydrated by evaporation. milk pudding a pudding of rice, sago, tapioca, etc., baked with milk in a dish. milk round
1 a fixed route on which milk is delivered regularly.
2 a regular trip or tour involving calls at several places. milk run a routine expedition or service journey. milk shake a drink of milk, flavouring, etc., mixed by shaking or whisking. milk sugar lactose. milk tooth a temporary tooth in young mammals. milk-vetch any leguminous yellow-flowered plant of the genus Astragalus. milk-white white like milk.
milker n.
Etymology: OE milc, milcian f. Gmc

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